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Want to sale more? Create MORE gigs!

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Many of us complain that our sales are not as high as we want.

Changing the metadata, the title or adding a new video are for sure good ways to improve our sales, but sometimes, thats just not enough.

Reading some posts I found around here, I realize that selling a bunch of gigs per day with only one gig to offer is like swimming against the tide, is easier for buyers to see you if you have many things to offer.

In my personal experience my sales have growth over 50, after I added 2 more gigs to my profile, Is a great way to show people you are talented in your area and that you are good for more that just one thing.

Even if you think is unnecessary try to diversificate your talent, for example, if you have a gig for doing voice overs create another gig to record voice mails, it might seem like they are extremely related(You might also consider that the voicemails are included into your voice over gig) but its amazing the change it can produce, it’s simple: more gigs = more exposure.

Take your time and think how many different things you can do well and take the best ones a make them a gig. Looking around Fiverr also work to get inspiration.

Try it out and tell me what you think!

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In theory it sounds good, but in practice it’s not working. The key is your “fiverr profile ranking algorithm”: here are some sellers who get their gigs on 1st results even if they sell almost nothing, while other sellers get only a few orders even if their work is a gold mine…

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