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Poor english understanding, over promise, under deliver, very bad design, late delivery


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Recently, i have a project that requires 10 Infographics designs. Because it is customised due to different contents. Username: fragglesrock, charge me a customer offer of $525.00. They do not deliver what i want, after so many revisions, they still do not understand what is to be amended. They always tell me they can send me within how many hours India time. But take days instead. I am very disappointed with the very poor service. Worse is, their portfolio is very different from what they have produce. No consistency in giving artwork. First give me in illustrator format, later give me in photoshop files, reason given to me was, they change designer, so they do in different format. THIS IS TOTALLY CRAP AND UNACCEPTABLE. They say they custom design and is 100% copyright, but they downloaded their designs in stock images, which is NOT customised! Anyone can do that too. I was lectured by my management and client for late submission and bad quality designs. This whole project took more than 2 months. Now i have to amend the design myself because i am tired of getting late reply and lousy designs. Can people in forum and customer support of fiverr do something about this? If you need me to send you guys the conversations i have from Username: fragglesrock, let me know.

I requested for a refund, they told me they will refund me 60%, but i have to do another transaction again. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED.

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Why would you trust a perfect stranger with $525? Come on, first you test them with $5, $20, $50. Then if they do a great job, you make bigger orders. I do have a colleague who gets $200 orders, but he’s a genius and he can handle it.

10 infographics might be overwhelming for one seller. You would have been better off hiring five artists and ordering two infographics from each, or hire 10 artists. Then you might want to pay for 1-day or 2-day delivery. You should also see if the artist is from the same time zone you’re in.

Lastly, a lot of people use stock images and then they manipulate them. If you want original images, you hire an illustrator.

Also, it’s very frustrating to give a refund on a $525 job. I get angry when I have to refund a $30 job, so I can’t imagine what illustrators must be feeling after spending all that time and getting nothing. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take their “crappy” work and give it to someone else.

Other times you can offer to give them a 10% to 20% tip if they agree to do a refund.

To summarize

  1. Diversify your orders
  2. Check the geography of sellers
  3. No big orders with people you don’t know
  4. Don’t demand more than one revision. You’re wasting their time and yours
  5. Have a backup plan.
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience! The only way to refund partially is for you to purchase a new amount and the buyer refund you the original gig.

Out of curiosity i would love to see the work you received along with the brief you sent the designer?

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