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NO PUEDO INGRESAR A MI CUENTA! [Cannot Get Into Acccount?]


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Just in case it helps anyone who doesn’t get the basics of this through context, I’m adding a quick note. I ran this through Google Translate so forgive me for errors but I hope it gets the point across if another user needs the answer or is searching the forums in English. (@madmoo - If you are fluent and this is covered, my apologies - I don’t know what languages you speak! I speak English and bad English.)

My remaining concern since I cannot read the original is whether or not this is what @anaeva was actually asking since the title appears to say they cannot get into their own account. If the author of the post or someone else fluent could confirm, that would be great so we can mark this resolved. Also, if the issue really is that @anaeva cannot get into their own account, the suggestion to contact Customer Support would still be best. The account in use here appears to be active to me.

Original Post by @anaeva (via Google Translate):

Title: I CAN NOT get into my account

Please help !!! I made a purchase yesterday and today I want to enter and tells me This account is no longer active .

and now? as I can solve it?

Help please

@madmoo’s response:

If the gig or account is no longer active, it could mean that the seller has been removed from the site. Contact Customer Support with the order number - they will cancel the order and refund you so you can purchase from a different seller.

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