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How am I suppose to achieve level 2?


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I made my profile on fiverr in September 2014 and have achieved level 1 pretty soon after that (one month or so). Until December 2014 I was working on the orders but nothing special never happened (overall I completed 24 orders). I put vacation mode because of Christmas time and after that I just forgot about fiverr. But in May I re-opened it and had tons of new orders, (94 orders overall) and got 4.9 star rating. I realised I completed everything to achieve level 2, but I’m still level 1 seller. I wrote to the Support and asked about it and I got this message:

"Levels is not an editorial judgment but rather an automated system which continuously monitors your activity and performance for assessment of the appropriate Levels badges. The system had detected very little activity that caused you not to achieve Level 2 yet. I would like to recommend you to be more active on site in order to achieve your Level as our system recognized prolonged periods of inactivity in your account."

I suppose that “very little activity” means the time I took vacation. But now since I’ve come back I’m very active on fiver. Does anyone here had similar situation? I would like to know what I should do now…

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