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Sellers who have approved an order should let the buyer know within 8 hours if they want to cancel

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If the buyer has ‘clearly’ discussed the project with the seller and the seller has agreed that he or she is more than happy to move forward with it, then instructs the buyer to “please order immediately”, should inform the buyer that he or she is no longer interested and willing to move forward with the project within 8 hours or less, especially if its an express order.

Sadly “some” buyers do not do the right thing and wait until the very last minute to ‘request to cancel’ the order after they have already clearly stated they were more than happy to do the project.

This not courteous and very inconvenient for the buyer, as 24 hours or even days is wasted at the expense of the buyer thinking that the seller is completing their order. If the seller had have informed them within 8 hours or even better been honest from the beginning that they could not complete the order, then the buyer could have found someone else.

This is a major turn off for buyers and makes them think twice about relying on some Fiverr sellers. To all the reliable sellers, thanks for doing a great job and making Fiverr a good place to outsource! 😉

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