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PLEASE HELP don't know if buyer received my order


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A day ago, I received an order when I delivered back, I uploaded a word document and sent a short description. Now, when I scroll over my notifications and click on the order, I can see what the buyer asked for and underneath,my description and attached document. But, when I click on the “Resolution Center” next to the “Activity” tab, it shows a message,

"I see that you delivered this order. Since you are here, I’m calculating that there is trouble completing it. You should wait for the buyer to review your order. If the buyer does not, this order will be marked as completed in 2 days.

If you’re running in to any troubles with this order or you and your buyer wish to cancel, I’ve enabled the option to mutually cancel the order here."

I was just wondering what that means, did the buyer receive my work? Or did I do something wrong? Can they not see my attached document? It is my first order so I am not use to how the process works, I just want to make sure they receive what they are paying for.

Thank you,


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