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Where to find 'buyer requests'? [RESOLVED]


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Yeah so, stupid question perhaps…

where do I locate ‘requested gigs’ ? I can only find sellers, and the gigs they are selling.

Where do I find the gigs that someone has requested?

Sheriff’s Note: The answer has been provided by mikeartworks & twistedweb123. This thread is now closed.

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That’s very easy. Just go to Fiverr.com, and log in.

Then click on your profile name (in the top right), and go to ‘My Sales’ . There it should say ‘Buyer Requests’.

That’s where you can see what people are looking for. You can also send offers there, if you already have a gig of what they search.

Hope that helps.

  • Mike
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In the top right corner (when you are logged into Fiverr), hoverover your username. You will see a dropdown appear. Click “My Sales” -> “Buyer Requests”.

This page lists all buyer requests which match up to your posted gig categories (i.e. if you are within logo design, it will show all requests buyers want within logo design).

Alternatively, go to:


so, for you:




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