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What can I do? [Resolved]


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Hello everyone,

Please, I need help. The seller has refused to respond to me.

I gave the seller my new book to help fine tune it and looks like seller has disappeared. I wrote over six messages no reply and also emailed nothing.

My book is due on the 23rd and I am afraid seller may copy my book. I’ve lost trust in this seller .

What can I do

Sheriff’s Note: Mhwools & Maddisont have provided the answer options to your question. This thread is now closed

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I would send a cancellation request if you haven’t already done so. It would be safe to say that if they’re not responding to you, they probably haven’t started working on your book. I would find someone who could do a quick edit job for your book if you still have time.

As for copying your book, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. You still own the book under copyright law. I don’t believe US copyright laws are all that different from UK ones, but I’ll attach a link for reference anyway.


I hope things work out for you! [=

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It’s a shame that your seller isn’t responding to you. It’s possible that they’re working on your order and will have it back to you as promised on the 23rd. Some sellers may be away from their computer for a while or may not habitually communicate with buyers while working on orders. Good sellers are usually proactive about communication , and this seller should be responding to you (especially if you’ve sent multiple messages). I just want to point out that it’s possible he or she could still get your order back to you on time.

Maddisont recommended requesting a mutual cancellation, and that’s totally reasonable if you want to do that. If you request a cancellation, the seller has to agree to it in order for the cancellation to go through. If your seller already isn’t responding to you, there’s a fair chance they might not respond to your cancellation request either. If they don’t respond to your request within 3 days, the order will automatically be canceled.

The other option (and what I would probably do) is to wait until the order deadline. If the seller doesn’t deliver the order within 24 hours of the deadline, you’ll get an email that the order is very late. You’ll then be able to cancel the order and get a refund to your Fiverr account. Unlike a mutual cancellation request, if you cancel a late order, you don’t have to wait for the seller to approve the cancellation.

As @maddisont said, I wouldn’t worry too much about the possibility of the seller copying our book. If you’re concerned about it, you can try using Google to search for phrases from or the title of your book. If it comes up online, you can report the seller to Fiverr and probably in other places as well (I’m not very familiar with the specifics of copyright law).

One final thing: you mentioned that you emailed the seller. This is against Fiverr’s TOS and could potentially get you banned from Fiverr. Fiverr explicitly bans communication outside of its own website. I’m not sure if the seller provided you with their email address or if you sought it out, but you shouldn’t communicate with sellers outside of Fiverr for any reason. In addition to protecting everyone’s privacy, this helps to protect you as a buyer. If you keep all of your communication within Fiverr, you have a clear record for customer support if anything goes wrong. Fiverr’s customer support can’t do anything about what happens outside of Fiverr.

Good luck!

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