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First 7 days in fiverr family


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Before sharing my experience let me tell something about me.i ,by profession am an engineer .music is my passion. I used to learn Indian classical music when I was 8 years old .now I am 23, with knowledge of 5 years of Indian classical music and 2 years’ experience in freelance music composing and with very high hope I joined fiveer.com few days ago.

uploaded my first gig on the send day .since then made so many changes to it ,started offering free demos so that buyers can trust me with their work .I still haven’t got any order but the experience of fiverr is so much engaging its keeping me motivated .its motivated me to work hard and challenge myself to the limit.

So far happy with the experience but now after 8 days i am in self doubt .with hope that things will improve in the near future i am shearing my experience with the fiverr community. I would love to hear from you all.

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