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More Seller Control - Multiples and Contact

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Sellers need two things to help make our lives easier.

  1. We need the ability to limit the number of multiples a customer can order for a Gig.

    My gigs are for content writing, most of my working coming as short stories. I cannot handle multiples in a single gig order anymore. Between my queue and the work that goes into writing even a very short piece, it simply cannot be done. I state in my Gig not to order multiples, but I get buyers who do not pay attention to that. As a result, I either have to leave as is (not going to happen) or I have to cancel (which means my stats get dinged for no fault of my own).

  2. We need the ability to restrict when a customer can order from us. For example, restricting customers from ordering if we have not responding to a message from them within X number of days of the customer ordering and/or who have ordered from us before.

    I also put into my gig for customers to contact me before ordering for the same reason I cannot do multiples. The days a gig takes depends on word count they order. If I have a customer who orders w/out contacting me, I may not be able to fill the order because of other work in queue. It is not fair to the new customer or existing customers to risk items being late. Often I have to cancel these orders as well.

    Allowing sellers the option to restrict new orders to clients they have responded to or have ordered from us before means that we don’t have orders appearing out of the blue. This can be done. While I am not a coder myself, I suspect it could be done in a similar way to how I cannot post to these forums without being logged into them. The message response we provide becomes the “log in” for the customer to have access to the order button. Where it would say “order” for a brand new buyer for our gig, it would instead say “contact buyer before placing order.” Repeat buyers we would have the chance to create rapport with for them to know to contact us first if we need them to, so they would be “automatically logged in” to our gig to order.

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