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Joining Sellers that use buyers request


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I went on vacation 7 weeks ago and my vacation lasted for 3 weeks. I returned only to discover that my impressions, clicks, and views have all taken a nose-dive.

“Well, I will get my stats up in few days”, I said to myself. 1 day become 2 days, and soon 1 week became 2 weeks. I didn’t receive any messages or orders. It dawned on me that vacation mode wasn’t what it seems.

I became frantic and started searching for ways to promote my gigs. I tried all I could, all to no avail.

I have previously had success using buyers request in the past, so I sent out a couple of requests and I got 2 clients. I however had to decline their offers.

Another week past and it seemed as though heavens smiled on me. I got multiple order which I delivered seamlessly.

Now I am back to a period of drought. 4 days have gone by with no orders. Each time I visit “buyers request” I am startled by the amount of sellers using the platform and in some cases these sellers get 20+ requests. I am wondering if those requests are from other sellers or potential buyers.

I am at a crossroad - one part of me wants to try using “buyers request” to advertise my services and see the outcome. The order part wants to play fair because I know using buyers request is against the rules.

Would it be fair if other sellers are using it and getting positive results? But using it and getting results doesn’t make it right.

So what do you think?

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I think that Buyers Request section is going to change very soon: Fiverr is aware of what’s going on and it won’t be tolerated for a long time.

So if you want my 2c tip, don’t join the sellers breaking the rules; if you search the forum you can find several very good threads explaining how you can promote your gigs in several different ways.

Good luck

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Reply to @carriecreative: Yes, all my past customers have commended my jobs. I sent personalized messages the day my vacation ended. 2 or 3 responded. I sent a follow up message 2 weeks later, and another last week.

I have had little success from there. Repeat customers have responded.

I will have to add a free gig extra as you suggested.

Clement S.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing but I’m not going to break any rules. I love being on fiverr to much. lol

Most of the offers those sellers get are probably just from other sellers promoting their services anyway. I read a post on here from someone who requested a gig and was just getting random offers for things they were not requesting. Also most of the time the sellers who promote there are new and have no feedback which makes me think they’re really not getting sales.

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Here are 5 tips that worked for me, and may work for you as well:

  1. Do some editing to your gig title and descriptions
  2. Add some more gigs or add vid to your gig
  3. Contact your past happy clients to see if they can hire you for work again.
  4. Send regular proposal to requests posted on buyer request section
  5. Stay positive
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Reply to @smartclem: I agree with Mark and in addition, I don’t think the sellers posting there are getting much work from doing it, if any. Most of them are probably just getting spammed by other sellers who don’t understand English as well and hope they are looking to buy.

If you start posting your gigs to sell there, also, you are likely to get caught when Fiverr makes the expected changes to that category. It could cause you lost sales or lost position in search.

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