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Features in Fiverr

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In the last few months I became a big Fan from Fiver and I am using it more and more.

I also found some users that deliver the work the way I want and they know how I work already. I use them many times and some times with projects running parallel. I sometimes also have to do projects by steps (one gig with an user to develop a text, the second one to design the layout and the third to add it to my mailing tool, for example.

This does confuses me sometimes, since I like to chat about the project before starting it.

Ideal would be if fivers would allow different chats (or projects) to involve sometimes different fiverrs, so the process can be more seamless.

The second thing would also be able to rename a gig, so when I have to prepare my expenses, I know to which project each gig represents…

Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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