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Is it safe to sell your id card photo to buyer?


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Reply to @solidslick: Yes. First, I’m sorry if my English is not that good. This buyer is from a certain country. He ordered my hold your sign gig (kimono one) and asked me to replace the sign with my ID Card. So, I did it. But he rejected my delivery because the ID Card’s detail wasn’t that clear. I had this bad feeling about this buyer earlier (he constantly sent me a message demanded me to reply it asap), so I requested a cancellation of his order. He rejected my request, and instead, asked me to send my ID Card photo, which is suspicious.

Recently, I got a message from a buyer (same country with this buyer earlier) about same gig, and he attached this zip file (he said that this file contains a ‘colourful text file’ he wants me to hold). But, when I extracted it, it contains an exe format file. Which is also very suspicious. Lol.

I love fiverr so much.

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