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Full file name when uploading files

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Hi there, just want to make the suggestion that when using fiverr to upload files (especially multiple files) that we can see the full file name of the files we are sending to clients. Especially for example I may do 8 different messages for xyz company. However, they all show up as xyzcompanyphmessag…mp3 (the dot dot dot being the bit in the middle it doesn’t show). Say for example I have phmessage1, phmessage2, phmessage3 as the file names, I won’t be able to tell which one is which, as even hovering the mouse over doesn’t show the name, so I often have to cancel the upload and start again if I am not sure if I have added the right file, or added a file twice etc.

Is there a way to expand the deliver box or hover the mouse over the file name or some other way to be able to see the full file names on the uploader?

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