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What to do when they don't push the ORDER button?


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I get this a lot. I write complaint letters and buyers contact me all the time to ask about gigs. The problem is, they send me ALL their info via messaging and then they seem to think that I should get right to work on it BEFORE they’ve actually placed an order or paid any money.

For instance, I have a guy today who has sent me SEVENTEEN messages about a sofa problem. He’s sent me photos, copies of the warranty, website links, etc. I’ve sent him a custom offer, and all my gig options are right there to order, but I don’t quite know the right way to move them along to actually close the sale on it. I had another guy do the same thing on Friday. I sent him a custom offer, but he never actually ordered the gig and I may have lost the customer altogether. I think people don’t understand that they have to pay FIRST and then I can start the work.



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