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Online Status/Profile Incomplete


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I’m recently just joined Fiverr and I’m completing my profile etc. Online status I’m confused I’m not always online however I don’t want to miss any new opportunities. What do I select? And why does it show my profile is not complete when I have completed everything. Does it have anything thing to do with the online status?

When signing up for someone to buy your services you find the best category for yourself and hopefully buyers will find you? Or I’m I to post someone else?

Please help new comer

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Your gig will still be visible to buyers even when you’re not online. I try to be online as much as possible because some buyers will look for online sellers only so they get a fast reply. If you’re not active on the page for a while the online badge goes grey and you’re no longer online. You need to be active on the site in order for the badge to become green and you to be online.

Select the right categories for your gig. It should be the relevant category, and the title and description of your Gig should contain relevant words that describe what your gig offers. Buyers will come if the offer is right 🙂

Good luck mate!

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