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Use correct English in gig's title and description to improve sales

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Lots of new sellers (including me) ask for tips on how to get our first sale or increase our sales. But their gig’s description has errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. This can turn off potential buyers by confusing them.

The title and description are probably the most important parts of your gig that will attract (or repel) potential buyers. So please ensure that correct English is used. If you are not sure, please have your gig’s title and description proofread.

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Let me play devil’s advocate.

The following title is probably not grammatically correct:

"I will Whiteboard Animation"

Even though it isn’t grammatically correct, I’m sure most buyers would understand it.

This is better Grammatically "I will create a Whiteboard Animation"

Now for the devil’s advocate part. If the first title ranked your gig #3 for your primary keyword while the 2nd title ranked you #53, would go with the slightly grammatically incorrect title?

I agree it should be understandable. A gig could be 100% grammatically accurate, but no one is going to know your grammar prowess if they can’t find you.

TRS are in another category but for newbies, they need to put some thought in to Keyword density, with emphasis on density, if they want to rank for their primary keyword.

Now you know why SEO experts are lousy at grammar 🙂 They think keyword density first, grammar second.

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Reply to @steveeyes:

The first title can cause trouble.

"I will Whiteboard Animation"

But what does this mean?

“I will create a Whiteboard Animation”.

“I will download a Whiteboard Animation”.

“I will review a Whiteboard Animation”.

“I will edit a Whiteboard Animation”.

Yes it can bring a buyer to your gig but the question is whether the buyer is actually going to buy your gig or not? That depends entirely on how clear the title was 🙂

I would rather have fewer views from actual buyers than a large number of views from confused buyers who don’t buy.

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