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Is Fiverr failing or are you failing?

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You are a small business using Fiverr as a storefront. Most small businesses fail. Which means you will fail unless you do something actively to prevent it. Be careful not to give yourself an excuse to fail by blaming failure on external circumstances that are not in your control. These circumstances may not even be reality.

  1. Strive to be in the Top 10% of what you do. Product, Value, Service. If you are in the top 10% of the providers, you won’t see the fluctuation as much. This has nothing to do with your Fiverr badge. I was doing this at level 2.

  2. Develop repeat business.

  3. Diversify your storefronts. I want to maximize the traffic from Fiverr and I love it, but I also don’t want to miss potential traffic in other places. I have income streams that are 20 years old. These also keep your income diversified just like an investment portfolio. You will battle any storm easier if you are diversified with your income.
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I’m a college student, and it’s hard to find a job outside while making sure you take care of your studies, but fiverr has been great, since the $ is worth 15 times my local currency, it’s helping me big time, i take care of my studies and freelancing all at home, other people study and wait till they finish and graduate to have a job with a good salary, well i’m making the same salary as those people in much less time while doing something i love in the comfort of my home, isn’t this great ? :)>-
and when i finish my college years i’ll make sure to find a job i love (has internet connection) to make double the income i’m making now and maybe more (i hope so)

Thank you @landongrace and good luck 🙂

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Not so sure if it’s always a good idea to set a goal to be in a top x% in your field. Personally I found that things started working out better for me when i stopped focusing on others in my field and just focus on my own thing.
The only times when I peek at my competition is when I attempt to turn a competitor in to an ally or when i think i have come up with something new i check to make sure i’m not stepping on anybody’s toes.
Personally i never fail, it just sometimes happens that i don’t reach my goals but that’s just a learning experience i can apply to my next endeavor.

Not sure if fiverr will ever fail but history shows that fiverr will eventually have to make room for the next big thing.

Non of this matters as long as you keep working on your plan b and c while making money on plan a.

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