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Why Do I Choose Squidoo for marketing?


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Hi all really quickly I wanted to share why I market using Squidoo.

For any of you that have never heard of squidoo, it is a self publishing site like a hub page where you can write about any topic you choose.

Here are a couple of reasons why I choose to market in this manner.

  1. PR 8 Do follow Properties. This boosts your website/blog in SERPS.

  2. Unlike article marketing can include videos, music, or even html programming. This means you can create a SEO squidoo lens about any thing.

    3, like fiverr it is a community which means each lens (like a mini website) can be fully promoted with that community at no cost.

    I have created promo lens that link back to my gigs here, which I have found does drive some traffic to my gigs here.

    Any questions about squidoo marketing and how it can help your gigs just ask!

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