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What's Top Buyer? or when a buyer becomes top?


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I understand that there are lots of manipulative people out there, but I wish Fiverr wasn’t so mysterious about everything. It would have been nice to know what this means when it was first implemented.

Ah well, I suppose at least it’s a relatively useful feature.

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Reply to @sara1984: Hi Sara, thanks for comment. At least a Yellow Crown permits us to know that client is not a newbie and maybe try to manage the messaging with much care. Also as said Allie… some of these crowded are not the best clients, but i don’t want to offend any !! I treated with some of them and are excellent… Others simply appeared, asked, and disappeared after my response without further comments.

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Reply to @odbtec: I still don’t see how you would know that. For example, if it is based on money, a buyer could have made one huge purchase and been really nasty to work with. They would still be relatively new and not necessarily a good buyer to work with. Some of my longest and best buyers don’t have the badge and some of the ones I had trouble with do have it.

Unless Fiverr is clear about what it actually means, I don’t see how we can know anything at all from just seeing an icon with some text.

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As far as I know,To become a fiverr top rated seller,the mandatory things are…

##Maintain an excellent rating (above 4.7)

Active Forum Member

Outstanding Customer Service

##Have a low order cancellation rate

##High Sales Volume

Let me share with me if I am wrong from any side or you know another things to become a top-rated seller.

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Fiverr recently introduced a new Top Buyer badge, which is designed to help our seller community identify active buyers.

What is the Top Buyer badge?
The Top Buyer badge is a golden crown icon that is only added to a select group of buyers.

Where does the Top Buyer badge appear?
The Top Buyer badge appears next to the buyer’s username in your Inbox and My Contacts.

How is the Top Buyer badge calculated?
The Top Buyer badge is calculated by a number of factors including a high level of activity and orders on Fiverr.

New buyers with very high Levels of activity, such as orders and frequent visits, could also receive the Top Buyer badge, so it’s not just restricted to repeat buyers who have been using the platform for a long time. It is important to note that the Top Buyer badge is updated regularly based on the factors above and is only visible to our seller community.

How does this help sellers?
Like any small business or entrepreneur, getting to know your customer is a vital component for growth and success. The Top Buyer badge allows sellers to identify high activity customers so you can develop a stronger business relationship and maintain the responsiveness rating. It’s here to help you know your customers better.

The badge is just one indicator that helps address three basic customer-relation principles of bringing new buyers, retaining existing buyers and taking care of your best customers.

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