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How to change email settings?


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No need to make a new email at all. I’ve been filtering my mail for about a year and it’s a lot better, allowing me to keep on track of Fiverr emails, separate them from others etc.

To filter, you need to login to your email client and create a new folder. You can call this folder something like “Fiverr Emails”.

When this folder is created, you then need to create a “rule” for your inbox. How this is done depends upon your email client (gmail, outlook, yahoo?).

You set a rule that basically says all emails received from "noreply@e.fiverr.com" should go into the “Fiverr Emails” folder.

Fiverr send all of their emails from noreply@e.fiverr.com (new orders, messages, order updates, withdrawal confirmations etc), apart from the newsletter (which you can disable receiving from your account).

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