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Doing Something Different... and create a bizarre Gig!


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Hi Everyone,

When you doing the same thing over and over again, then it is time to make a switch and turn around, looking what is new and fresh and maybe weird, because you never done something like this! This is happening to me right now and I was wondering, how to make a Gig that is totally different then my other Gigs I offer.

I was thinking…but what can I do different? Then it came across my mind…; Let’s create something bizarre!

To create something bizarre and try to make it come together for my self at the same time was a challenge. And again I was thinking…how / what? I knew that I need a drivers license, so I am going to use this to create a Gig were I ask people to support me to get my drivers license! I don’t know if this work or allowed, but when you don’t try to do something new and make some action steps then you will never come further in your creativity as a person and seller. Anyway…that is the way I think about this kind of stuff 🙂 .

If you like my Gig…then… of course I want to ask you to collect it and spread the word, and support me to get my drivers license!




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I made a “bizarre” gig of my own yesterday. However, it was still very much related to all my other gigs…just with a little twist. I do art related gigs, so it’s a lot easier to come up with weird things to do than with other types of gigs.

The way I see your gig is kind of like those tip gigs a lot of people make. Instead of a tip for a job well done, you’ll be getting a tip as a token of support. So, I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

Anyway, good luck with the driver’s license…I don’t have mine either! I’m a scaredy cat!

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