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New Notifications to include GIG reference / Export capability in Mission Control

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I would like to be able to view which GIG a new order notification is for. Currently, we have these two notifications:

“Hey jive_a_five, you’ve just got a new order from [customer name here]! We asked your buyer to submit the information you requested. You don’t have to do anything until he does so.”

"Time to get busy! Your buyer, [customer name here], has just submitted the information you requested."

Now I only have two available gigs currently, but there is no way for me to which gig the order is for, without clicking into it and reviewing the info. I would like to be able to glance at the notifications list and see which ones are for which gig, without having to click and bring up another page. I have 11 orders in queue now and I can’t tell how many of each by looking at the notifications board. It would be a certain nightmare when I (hopefully) have 20 - 30 orders in queue!

I believe this would allow a better workflow process and eliminate some extra clicks.

Also, an export capability in Mission Control would be an excellent resource for compiling a sellers data to see trends, total sales per buyer, average sale amount, etc. A simple excel or csv export file would be great! This would greatly expand the options for managing the sales data.

Thanks for listening! 😃

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