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Fiverr revenue card - just to have?


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Sooooo I’m interested in getting a fiverr revenue card… just to have cuz it’s pretty.

The fees are too much to use it regularly.

Card activation $5.00 Per card One time - when card is first loaded

^ So question…

If i DONT activate it… or load it… or put money on it or anything…

WILL it charge me a fee? At all? Ever? Even the maintenance fee?

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Hi there,

As I understand it, you cannot be charged unless you have money on it. Each time you load it, they charge you $1. Once you have money on it, apparently they will not charge you unless you activate it, then they charge you $5. But it looks like they will charge your balance each 30 consecutive days that your card is not used. So, if you just like to have the card, no problem, order it, but don’t load anything on it, or activate it. - John 😛

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