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I want to feature/promote great gigs that bring high value to freelancers, marketers, etc


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Hello. I run a small blog called the Practical Online Money blog that is all about people actually making money online. I’m against scamming 100%. It is geared toward would-be freelancers, but it also aims to cover some internet marketing, SEO, etc.

One of the common topics is Fiverr, and as such, I figure I could point some people toward gigs that would certainly help them make money, promote their books, etc. Something you would want if you were trying to build up your reputation online or anything of that nature. These don’t all have to have a ton of reviews, but they do need to offer some great values. Here are some examples of what I like:

Formatting gigs for ebooks

Promotion gigs (testimonials, tweets, facebook likes, etc).

Anything to help promote books, websites, etc.

Graphic gigs.

How-to packages (especially on publishing/marketing related topics)

Video creation gigs.

Web design gigs.

Writing gigs.

PLR packages? Graphics packages?

Research gigs.

SEO gigs.


I’m looking for some awesome gigs on this. They don’t have to have 100 sales and reviews, but I am going to be a little bit selective since the blog is meant to promote things I would actually use or suggest to my colleagues.

Full disclosure: This post has been edited since I originally posted it, but I’m essentially looking for the same things.

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Guest marketersoffers

Hey there @musicmakrr there is one of my gig that sells good and that a lot of people in the internet marketing find very much useful. Some even wrote me back for success stories. Here is the link to the gig:

Tell me what you think!

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Guest marketersoffers

Thank you very much. I thought you wanted a gig with more reviews! Hope it will be of help. And I appreciate your help. You will for sure receive my gig for free soon to thank you for your promotion! 🙂

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here is one awesome gig for you to look at. I started out here with a simple illustrating gig, but after 3 weeks and over 100 hours of hard work… i turned myself into a great comic-like drawing artist, if not the best on Fiverr! I have started getting the sales i desired :). Checkout my work samples in this gig, you can clearly see the difference… I had a few sales in the first week where i drew simple graphics, i shifted into the highest gear and did tons of practice for the next two weeks, and made an example. After which, the sales started pouring all over me 😃

Let me know what you think hehe…

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Your blog readers may find my gig helpful if they want to have a good ebook to put on the market. My buyers have been pleased and I have 100% rating.



kaitomono : I will evaluate your nonfiction ebook for market readiness for $5...

For only $5, kaitomono will evaluate your nonfiction ebook for market readiness. | Is your non-fiction eBook ready for the marketplace? As one of the first electronic reviewers for the prestigious Midwest Book Review, I evaluated manuscripts for |...

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I offer all kind graphic designs with UNILIMITED revisions, including banners/header designs, logo designs, album cover designs, Facebook cover designs etc. All this delivered within 24H.

Please check out two of my Gigs below:

  • Logo designs
  • eBook and poster design

    Have you heard about the movie that is made using pretty much Fiverr called “The Five Dollar Movie” for which I have designed the film’s poster

    You can help them to fund the movie using Kickstarter

    Thank you!

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