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Affirmations for Fiverr sellers


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I like to keep myself positive and a great way to do that for me is affirmations.

Affirmations is when you state something.

Try to tell yourself:

I am a wonderful, and kind person - and feel what kind of feeling this gives you.

Then try the opposite, state something negative about yourself.

For example: I am no good at all - then see how you feel then.

Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I like it!

So I thought I would come up with some affirmations for fiverr sellers

Try them out if you want. You can write them on a sticky note and put them in your workplace, or say them to yourself a couple of times a day.

I will put a few here, and feel free to share if you come up with good ones

’I am one very creative person and my gigs are worth buying’

‘I put my all passion into setting up this gig and I deliver the best I can do’

‘I have FUN on Fiverr’

‘My services are valueable to others’

‘I am inspired’

'I am fortunate to make work out of my hobby’

ok… there’s a few! Just to give you an idea 🙂

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Guest tn5rr2012

Thank you so much for posting this and we appreciate it. Postive vibes are awesome especially when they are spread around. Good luck with your gig(s).

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