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What can I do to Build my Writing Gig?


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I am now a level 2 Fiverr user and as such I am now able to venture into the more expensive Extras for people to order from me. I have already experienced some success with my current two writing gigs, but I would like to know what other users think, and if I should add anything else to what I offer. You can take a look at my gig if you’d like! 🙂

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hi @ewriterdan98

I was just looking at your gigs. I have every reason to believe that the quality of work that you deliver is really good.

My thought is that you should offer less words in your addons, or increase the overall price.

My 2 cents is to let the $5 be the rate for 500 words, and keep the addons about the same value.

People might be willing to offer a better word to dollar ratio, but if the real quality is not there, then it’s worthless. I just feel like certain kinds of quality work justify a certain pay rate.

If the quality is there for this “kind” of work which justifies the value, it’s my opinion that sellers deserve more for less work, and not less for more work.

Maybe I’m wrong, I just feel that currently you’re undervaluing your service.

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