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Has anyone tried to promote Fiverr gigs at University of Toronto and Ryerson University campuses?


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Hi Fiverr Sellers,

I can’t help it that this sounds like a pitch, but just want to let you all know that I can now post flyers of your Fiverr gigs at University of Toronto and Ryerson University. I went to York myself and now I work downtown. So it would be super easy for me to help you spread the word about your services to a really captive Toronto audience. Plus I could use the extra funds for travel to Europe next year.

I think it’s a great marketing and advertising channel for gigs like writing, editing, homework help, essay writing, programming, websites, SEO and even artwork graphics and more. Students love Fiverr and there are tens of thousands of students and faculty (and staff!) at UofT and Ryerson.

Has anyone tried using flyers to promote gigs? What were the results?

Thanks everyone


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