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Is Fiverr Helping The Music Industry? Using Fiverr Sellers to Record My Rock Album


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I have been designing websites for 16 years and have designed over 400, but I have also been writing and performing music since the age of 11. Fiverr has seemed to open a whole market for me on both.

I joined Fiverr over one year ago and started selling an my notes from the New York City Social Media conference. I was surprised that it sold well here and once I made it an express gig, I was able to sell even more of them. I decided to sell my Social Media Marketing Secrets Ebook as a test in the Fiverr market with my Social Media Marketing Secrets Ebook and was able to find customers there as well as it was one of my hottest selling products on Fiverr.

Website Analysis Service

My hottest selling gig was and still is my website analysis. Through Fiverr, I was able to brand my website analysis service where I find reasons why a website is not making money or generating business for it owner and Fiverr’s market has been pretty good to me.

Working With Fiverr Sellers To Play On My Next Rock Album

Now, I have decided to use my Fiverr revenue to find musicians from all over the world to play on my rock album. I have 3 albums already, including a jazz album and one rock album that I released this year. I recorded that solely with my band. I am now recording and producing the next rock album with musicians that I find on Fiverr so I get a completely dynamic sound that is nothing like the music I write and compose. It’s going well.

I have already found female singers, rappers, drummers, guitarists, lyricists, and other songwriters.


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