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Suggesting Other Fiverrs To Compliment Our Gigs? Bring the Fiverr community even closer


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I have often thought of this feature which would be a really nice way to make the Fiverr community closer. I have also discussed this with a few other Fiverr sellers as well. There are obviously Fiverr sellers who offer gigs that do not really compete with us, but can be a big help in providing our buyers the complete package.

I offer some gigs that although most of my Fiverr buyers have been happy with, but some asked for things that I do not offer. For example, I have a gig where I offer to turn a HTML 5/CSS 3 template into a Wordpress theme, but I do not slice up a PSD (photoshop) that was designed by another graphic designer, so what do you think my first buyer of this gig does? Yup, you guessed it. She sent me a PSD. Ugh! I specifically mentioned in my gig’s description that it has to be HTML 5 and CSS 3. To make the customer happy, I did it. However, there are plenty of Fiverr sellers who can do this and in the process, they too can earn a Fiverr order. I could have used this feature to make both my buyer happy, another Fiverr seller happy, and Fiverr itself happy from another order. Everyone would win!

I also have a music gig where I sell piano clips, but I had a Fiverr buyer ask me if they come with guitar parts. Huh? If I had another guitarist on Fiverr (and there are plenty) who’s gig I could have listed as part of mine, this would have been a perfect Fiverr order.

What do you think of this idea?

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