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In Love with an Akita Named Hachi-ko


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Got your attention 🙂

Hi guys,

Don’t know where this belongs… and tried to put up a wanted gig on the Fiverr site already. No hits on this very unusual request. Well frame it or flush it, lol. 😦 I’m a dog lover and have owned em since birth 🙂 I am looking for someone who lives in Tokyo near the Shibuya Station train station who would be willing to take high quality photos of the Hachi-ko statue, the painted paw prints inside the station, the akita painting in front of the station, the bronzed paw prints on the very spot where Hachi died, the dog’s remains (in a museum), and the monument to him and his owner (that’s the only things I know of so far) and also help me find and purchase a mini-statue of Hachi. Anyone’s help is appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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