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Gig video proof, my display picture and stuff


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Hey guys. I just came here to tell the new sellers that videos really do make a huge difference in your sales. I had a weekly volume of 1-3 orders since i had joined back in february. But 2 days back, I added a video with help from #sincerelymegan. Shoutout to her lol!. And I have completed 2, and got 5 more sales since then (with gig extras too). The video has made a dramatic change in my sales count. My inbox is getting flooded!!!

I urge all sellers to add a video immediately and watch the magic happen. Even my video is of poor quality :-/ but that doesn’t matter.

This part of the post has been rated I.K.A.I.S as (i know Anzal is stupid).

Now the display picture that i currently use is a character from a well known animated movie Despicable Me (named vector if you dont know). The guy looks exactly like me and i don’t even know why we are discussing this >:D<

Anyways, should i put a display picture of myself? I am an artist so i’d prefer Vector’s image. But what difference can my own picture make?

that will be all. I hope i have not made any mistakes in this post. I am too lazy to look back at it (#worked uptil #5am today) damn.

thanks, if any new seller needs tips/help on their video. leave me a message.


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