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Unlimitedeffect bought a Caravan with his Fiverr Money!


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Top Rated Seller unlimitedeffect shared with us that he bought a brand new Caravan with his Fiverr earnings!!

This is what he told us:

"I’m really glad to tell you that I bought a Caravan with my Fiverr earnings! I’ve been working so hard this past year and completed more than 2,600 orders. My goal is to complete 5000 orders - I hope to reach it soon. I appreciate all the great support you gave me to achieve this.

I’m sharing this because I hope it will help encourage other sellers abd show them that if they work hard, fulfil their dututies and responsibilities to the best of their abilities, they will also achieve their targets."

unlimitedeffect, you ROCK!

Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂

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Hey, this seller is very professional and creative. I ordered one of his gigs to create an image for one of my gigs. Totally awesome and fast service.

Definitely well deserved.

I was on my way to buy a car with my earnings from Fiverr too. I only hope I can get that flow of orders again.

Keep up the good work ‘‘unlimitedeffect’’. 🙂

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This topic really saddens me… I mean, I’m really glad for all these people buying houses and cars with their Fiverr money… it’s just that it saddens me that after 6000 orders I have just managed to keep my family alive in all this time…

It’s survival money for me & my family, and we can’t afford anything else… and seeing how others buy houses and cars makes me kind of sad because physically I can’t make more money that I currently do in order to buy something else besides survival… sometimes I question myself if it’s still worth living this kind of life…

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