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Fiverr Account Will Not Save


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Hey folks.

UPDATE - Please disregard this post, my issues have resloved themselves.



I’ve been trying to make saome changes on my account, however, everytime I make changes and click “save” nothing happens, and I wait and wait and wait, and it just will not save. The broken circle keeps spinning and spinning and spinning!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Of course I’m about to axe support, but I find I get help so much faster from all my intelligent Fiverr friends!

OK, update, so I tried to send for help but after filling out the details, “submit” doesn not work!

Now what? OK, I finally got through to support. I left the page several times and rewrote everything each timer, and “submit” finally worked, so I’ll just wait and see how long it takes to get reply.

In the mean time, if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Thanks for always being here for a handsome old man! You guys and gals are the best!

John Von Bronzesnake

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