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GIVE UP! NO, Never


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Hi guys! I know most of the sellers who joins fiverr do give up pretty soon. Belive me! I have. This is my 3rd attempt on fiverr.

After 02 weeks of waiting I got my first order today.

I kept learning and studynig other sellers while tweking my gigs. Finally found some light. Look forward for a long journey with Fiverr

Do you have any start up stories / tips? Lets share!

Have a great day friends! Cheers!

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Guest claudiucampean

Hi. I am Claudiu C. and I have a Degree is Bayer Social Behavior.

Let me tell you a short little story.

My marketing knowledge has helped me very much here on Fiverr In one week I received Level 1 and in another two weeks Level 2(I need 4 seals), why? because I know how to do marketing, not just I sell a lot I sell to a good price, look at the pictures.

A GIG on Fiverr is a product like a car, a movie, a house …

In this moment are over 3 000 000+ gigs on fiverr to succeed you must know how to present / package / and sell your product.

You have 2 options.

A. You do a lot of research and maybe you understand what you must do.

B. You hiere a profesionist to help you out.

I am an honest man that for I say – NOBODY – can guarantee success, the internet is a funny place. Who give Success Guarantee IS A SCAMMER.

Is no magic formula just a lot of correct work and a little luck.

Don’t hesitate to question me, if you want more information.

With respect ClaudiuC

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I have just joined Fiverr as a person wanting to save time by having others design T shirts for me, I have three orders in three parts of the World and at first I am not impressed, two of those who claim to be able to design T shirts obviously don’t understand the meaning or concept of design; If I have to provide all the pieces then I can build the jigsaw myself: get my meaning ?

Suggestion to many of you on here , don’t say you can if you can’t as it is a sure way to lose business.

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claudiucampean said: In this moment are over 3 000 000+ gigs on fiverr


And a huge number of those are legacy gigs that are just sitting on the system, or duplicate and copy-cat gigs that sink to the bottom of the search rankings. For example, myself - I work in the Astrology & Fortune Telling category. I don't know if it's the most crowded category on Fiverr, but there's a lot of competition there. Having said that, in not quite three months of working, I've achieved Level 2 and am regularly in the first group of search results on the front page of not just the overall Astrology & Fortune Telling category, but of the Lifestyle umbrella overall, and that's something. Fiverr works if you work it - all you need is time and effort. If you want to read about my experiences, you can check it out here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today




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