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The beginning of Mintyone


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Ironically, I found Fiverr while browsing the internet during lunch at my other job. There was a story on MSN about ways to make money online. I had always put a lot of effort into my own signature and I love cursive writing. Mixing the two, I came up with my signature gig.

Additionally, I like to wear suits. I understand the office environment has become more casual in recent years; however, I always loved to wear a suit and tie. This is where I got the idea for my professional video gig. I always try to model my work after Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News. He is my favorite broadcaster and his presentation skills are amazing.

After a few days of posting my signature gig, I started getting orders. It was very exciting! It is interesting now to look back at my early orders. I’ve changed quite a few things in both of my gigs since I started, in terms of both process and equipment. I agree that this whole process is constantly growing and evolving–gigs need to be refreshed periodically with new ideas and videos to be successful.

I started out with a point and shoot camera to make all of my videos. I have now purchased a higher end Canon HD camcorder, lavalier microphone, and Mont Blanc pen. My presentation and writing skills have increased significantly as a result of working on Fiverr. I’ve noticed that this has helped me a lot in other areas of my life!

It has been great seeing the increasing success of Fiverr over the last few years and I’m excited to see what else will come.

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I’m honored, Oldbittygrandma–thanks! I’m motivated by your work as well and have learned many things from you. I’ve had problems with people taking me too seriously in the past…just the way I am…so I thought I could use this to my advantage with this type of professional gig.

Oranje–I thought I could use the pen more in my gig, but I haven’t had many orders with it yet. Still nice to have though 8)

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