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Add New button "Get Sample" and save sellers time and good rating number


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Hello 🙂

I request to Fiverr team to make following features for seller.

  1. Specially to creative seller, like Cartoonist, Artist, Graphics artist or other types of Designer.

    Now days more than 50 % buyer want sample artwork, to see how the artist will draw best work for them.

    Mostly want free sample artwork but some of buyers offer $5 or $10 for sample artwork.

    (but actual cost is around between $20-50, if buyer request final artwork as sample)

    Now seller problem is that:

    If Seller accept $5 or $10 for sample artwork…

    and buyer place orders, and buyer do not like the sample artwork.

    so buyer may be place Negative reviews for that sample artwork. (not final artwork)

    My point is that…

    This type of negative reviews should not be add to seller profile.

    because this is just a trial session of artwork for a project…

    if buyer is not happy so it does not mean that seller get punish for this.

    because same sample artwork can be like my other buyer…

    so here is not seller fault, it is buyer fault for not deciding or selecting

    correct artist or artwork style which is not fit in their project requirement.

    Every artist or derringer have their unique style so it does not mean that particular

    artwork style will be fit in all type of project.

    Each artist do hard-work for sample artwork so they can get full project for work.

    artist have no intention to draw bad sample.

    and if artist does not accept $5 & $10 for sample artwork.

    so this will waste all seller time.

    specially Featured, Top rated and 2 level artist or seller.

    If seller take $5 or $10 for sample artwork so there will be always a risk to get Negative reviews just for trial session.

    What is Solution??

    The best solution is that…

    There should be “Get Sample” button on each seller gigs page. (this should be optional for buyer)

    and seller can charge or set amount between $10-$30 for one sample artwork.

    and also seller can describe what he can provide as an sample artwork…

    Because some provide just…

    Clean or rough Pencil drawing/sketch (which is 1st stage for creating final artwork)

    and some provide…Final artwork.

    so seller should have rights describe what type of sample artwork they can provide.

    and how much time they will take to draw sample artwork. (this should be between 1-10 days)

    because if buyer use this “Get Sample” button…

    and if buyer do not like sample…

    so buyer cannot add reviews for this…

    and in legal way…

    buyer have no rights on sample artwork…

    and cannot use artwork in any way…because the work is drawn for sample session only.

    not for commercial or other use.


    Dev Praks 🙂
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