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I'm member since 5 months but no sales


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Hello my friend,

First I'm sorry for my bad english :)

Secondly, I have a few tips to give you after I looked at your products.


1. I noticed that some of your Gig no video, and despite Gig is intro, intro can not be sold without seeing the intro, intro sell much more if he had a promo so it is important that you verify that all your meditation has a clip.


2. products already exist in other veteran users, they really are the same, and therefore the buyer will prefer to buy from someone with a lot of old buyers, so I encourage you to be more creative and original, it will cause many people to buy from you.


3. The most important thing, without focusing on the main keywords of your meditation, try to be more specific.


4. Last, the profile and share your gig anywhere, YouTube, Facebook, forums and more ..



You can contact me for additional help

Tamir Sassi


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Here are my suggestions. I think your GiG is very good but the market maybe saturated. You need to be creative, in which i am sure you are, to draw more attentions.

Create something which has value. (for Example, people can use this to make money, save cost, has high ROI)

Create something unique.

Diversify your GiG.

Check what is the trend at the moment.

Not easy but you will get there.

Hope it helps.


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Guest claudiucampean


In this moment are 3 000 000+ gigs on fiverr I have joined last year and from 2 weeks I lunchet my first gig and BUM level 1 In 3 days Level 2 i need just 3 orders I am sure that today or tomorrow is done :))

-- The secret very simple Professional Marketing -- I have a degree in Social Buyers Development and I have applied all that I have learned in school.

Like I say from 3 000 000 gigs to stand out is hard but not impossible if you now what you are doing.

If somebody need help can't send me a message, if I have time I will give some tips FOR FREE

Well done --- tamirsasi


With respect Claudiu.


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