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I am new in fiverr


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Hi there. I didn’t read through all the gigs, but I did click on quite a few, and I think one thing that can help is more photos, and actually showing samples of the work that you have done. Show a picture of the photoshop file and then the website, things like that.

Videos also help. YOu should research and look at top sellers who have similar gigs to you and see what they are doing for ideas.

And in your profile you have a bunch of typos and a a couple of grammatical errors. Why do many people put commas,like,this, without a space? There is always, supposed, to be, a space after, a comma, before the next word, starts. 🙂

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Hi there! Make sure you have a good title and great corresponding pictures. Also, get videos on your gigs. As soon as I made videos, my sales skyrocketed. Another thing is to be proactive. Every day, I go through buyer requests and send personalized messages and offers for possible gigs. I have actually gotten several repeat customers this way. Hope this helps!

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Guest prowriter336

Make your profile center of attraction for everyone. The title should be of 7 to 10 words which can easily describe your work and also make sure that your gig picture is distinct and is according to your work. Also go for for buyer requests which can give you more orders, if not so then it will definitely boost your gig views.

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Guest seoexpertgoogle

I think You can increase the page views by adding popular words in GIG content. or use more popular keyword in tag.

Such as you have SEO GIG.

So you have to add following content to increase the page views such as

SEO services

onpage SEO

offpage SEO





it really help you to increase the page views

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Guest claudiucampean

In this moment are 3 000 000+ gigs on fiverr I have joined last year and from 2 weeks I lunchet my first gig and BUM level 1 In 3 days Level 2 i need just 3 orders I am sure that today or tomorrow is done :))

– The secret very simple Professional Marketing – I have a degree in Social Buyers Development and I have applied all that I have learned in school.

Like I say from 3 000 000 gigs to stand out is hard but not impossible if you now what you are doing.

If somebody need help can’t send me a message, if I have time I will give some tips FOR FREE

With respect Claudiu.

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