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Tips: How To Write a Eye Catching SEO Articles

Guest rosieblanks

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Guest rosieblanks

Many people write multiple articles every day but fail to get much of a response. The key is to make them explosive or appealing to your target audience. Articles are not a time to develop a flashy writing style. They are best when kept simple. Here are 3 tips to write more explosive articles.

First, invest a lot of effort in your title. Your title is what potential readers see first. An interesting and provocative title makes your article explode off the page and differentiate it from your competition. In order to have success as an article writer, you must learn to develop eye catching titles. In addition, you must include keywords in your title in order to raise your search engine optimization (SEO). A good SEO will create more exposure for your articles.

Second, you may get web surfers to open your article with a good title, but if your opening paragraph does not retain their interest, it is all for naught. The opening paragraph or introduction is the jumping off point for most readers. The more compelling it is, the more likely the reader’s are to continue to the end. Although articles are most effective when written simply, the introduction is somewhat of an exception. You do not want to get carried away with much too flowery language, but you want to make it jazzy enough to grab the interest of the reader.

Third, put a call to action in your conclusion. A call to action turns your message from passive to active. It is in the call to action that you tell the reader what they should do, such as sign up with your website, and how they should do it. Then by providing a back link from the article directly to your website, you can show them where to do it.

Creating explosive articles are as simple as one, two, and three. One is creating a powerful eye grabbing title. Two is to make your introduction as entertaining and interesting as possible. And three is to close the article with a call to action and backlinks.

Any alternative, additional or Ideas?

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