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Need option to reorganize/rearrange our Gig Extras!

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When I first made my gig on Fiverr, I had a few Gig Extras. Since then, I’ve added some gig extras. Right now, the order they are in is confusing and I want to reorganize the order they appear in so it’s clearer to buyers. I tried to do it but it didn’t allow me to re-arrange the order they are in. I even tried to erase the gig extra content and re-type it in all in in the order I wanted (spent about a 1/2 hour on this) only to have Fiverr give me a big 'ol error message not allowing me to. It said I had multiple gig extras that were the same, which was not the case. It also said gig items could not be blank? So they are saying we need to fill every single gig extra?? Lol Come on guys. See attached image. So the changes I made below in this screen shot did not stick. 😦

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