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We need 2 "Extra Fast" options please!

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Even the US Post Office offers customers choices! So if I have a 7 day turn around…buyers only have ONE rush option? Sure, you can add as many as you want as a gig extra option, HOWEVER, Fiverr only recognizes one and adjusts the buyers delivery time accordingly on their ONE Extra Fast option. I’d like to offer buyers a 24 hour option AND a 48 hour option. They would be two different prices—Fiverr needs to give us 2 of these options so that the buyers delivery time clock is adjusted accordingly, like it is on the one Extra Fast option they currently have. Maybe have an “Extra Fast” and a “Fast” option? Anyway…point being, even the US Post Office offers overnight delivery, priority delivery and standard delivery, offering customers multiple speed options!

Right now, I’m offering a 48 hour turn around option as a Gig Extra (in addition to the 24 hour Extra Fast option), but their delivery time clock is not adjusted for the 48 hour option and I have nearly missed their deadlines as I have to scan all orders daily instead of their clock being adjusted automatically. Please help.

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