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Earned $340 in 48 Days, Level 2 Tag....Happy Hour :) + SomeTips


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Hi Everyone,

I joined Fiverr one year back but that time I din’t know anything about it so left. Again around 50 days back I just thought of giving a try to sell my service in Fiverr. And I succeeded. 4 days back I earned my level 2 tag.

I am feeling very happy… 🙂 Since I don’t have anyone to share my happiness with because I stay alone in a room which don’t even have the proper window for sunlight to come in. I thought of sharing my experience, happiness and give some tips that I followed.

Experience: My experience with Fiverr is great…it’s awesome!! It gave a platform to interact with people around the world. I built my self confidence and also learnt how to interact with people.

Happiness: I still remember my first $3.92 that I got in my bank account. The first earning by working online. I felt like am on top of the mountain. That day I was actually dancing in my room 🙂

What I followed : Tips

  1. Write Proper Description of the Gig [ Video, Images Matters ]
  2. Share Your Gig on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn
  3. Replay to Messages as Quick as possible
  4. Never Replay to Any Message in Negative Way
  5. If Revision Comes, do it Until they satisfy
  6. Be friendly with your Buyer, Offer Discounts if you think the Gig is Small or requires less work.

    I followed above tips. Some people gave me tips, Good feedback and also Very nice experience. Listen, am not a GURU in this, but I thought I should share this things to help or give back something.


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@bharath2050 ,

I’d like to add one more tip:

Steal copyrighted VideoHive project files and sell them here on Fiverr.

Warm reminder:

You might risk being banned using copyrighted files without proper licensing.

Check out:

After Effects Templates Cannot Be Used To Sell Gigs? - Really???


Can we Re-sell Videohive templates?


Anyone interested in listening to a story of how a TRS’s gig with 350+ sales being taken down?


An example of violation in your gig (there are many more):


is actually stolen from


Envato users have recently seeking violations here on Fiverr actively. Be prepared and brace yourself for any upcoming misfortune. Treasure the time which you can still earn something without the gig being taken down or your account being banned. Even TRS have suffered.

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Reply to @bharath2050:

As seen in your gig description:


Provide Your Logo Text. That’s it!

Hurry Up!!

Order Now!!"

There is no mentioning of a client needing to purchase the template beforehand. Can you clarify who are your “clients”?

According Envato’s Videohive FAQs:

Q: Can I use an After Effects template to create multiple customized rendered videos for different clients?

A: You would need one license per unique end product and for each different client.

In other words, you CAN customize it with your customers, but for EACH customization, you’ll need to purchase a NEW license. So, you probably won’t gain any profits selling After Effects template customized videos here on Fiverr. Unless you HAVEN’T properly purchased EACH license.

You’ll be in trouble if that owner reports you via Fiverr. Fiverr often takes it serious when third party (Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Envato… ) complains about your service directly. Anyway, it’s just a warm reminder as I’ve seen many cases recently.

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