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Still looking for that second client. What can I improve?


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Hi there. Well, a few quick notes…first of all, when it comes to selling a product or service, just putting it out there doesn’t mean everyone will come knocking at your door to buy it. You have to get out there and start promoting it yourself.

I also think there are a few technical issues. i thought you were maybe going to hire some video person to re-edit your video, make it smoother and even out the sound. The video, while good in concept is very rough around the edges, so that could be a turn off.

Credibility is also an issue when it comes to anything health related.

YOu are a medical student but now shared it to be a dentist, so buyers may not think you know much about the body. And do you have a “BEFORE” picture of yourself all flabby or when you weighed more?

When it comes to getting fit, what kind of training do you have to teach others?

Did you spend time researching other sellers gigs to get ideas?


here are some before and afters.



There are a range of quality of video and photos, but also look at the write ups of people and their qualifications to understand the competition.

Selling books anywhere is not an easy thing to do in general.

Oh, and your letter in the portfolio photos looks much better 🙂

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In thinking about it, I wonder if it could be your title…

I will make your fitness dreams a reality.

No where in the title does it say you are just sending an eBook. Maybe the title makes it sound like it’s one of the gigs where someone is going to get personal advice.

I am not sure about this, if…I will make your fitness dreams a reality with my eBook…if that would make it worse or better.

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Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for your honesty.

Well, I don’t have a before photo with me all flabby because I wasn’t flabby. However, I was the skinny type and managed to get a decent body. The only pictures I would find with me being skinny would be from long long time ago when I was a kid because when I got into this I haven’t thought I would ever be able to make a before and after photo.

I plan on getting that video edited and my eBook handled by a proofreader. I also have another one for my next gig also for proofreading so it won’t be $5 in total. I’m planning for that.

My eBook is about helping someone to believe they can do it and showing them how they could be consistent and enjoy the process. So I don’t have a program for them. I believe that if anyone gets that part right any program will suffice.

I changed the title before because I know that buyers should have no surprise after they click but then I changed it back. The version was: “I will send eBook to get you motivated, consistent TODAY for $5”. I changed it back to what it is now because I thought it would be too common. I wanted to be more inspiring.

Should I mention that I am in Med school period?

I wanna make it work. However, for once, I have to invest considerably in other services that would perfect it (yet, I wanna do it).

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Reply to @pozitron: You don’t have to have a before and after, that was just one idea that some people use.

Playing around with the title maybe is worth trying like you have done. Now I am confused, as you say you eBook is not about any program but just the motivation part?

Are you in medical school or dental school? I thought medical school would be an asset because I thought you were selling a book about some kind of nutition or fitness routing and medical school could potentially at least sound like you were kowledegalbe about the body, how it functions, things like that.

I’m not really sure what to suggest, maybe some other people will have ideas for you.

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Reply to @sincere18: You got it right. It’s not about a specific diet or workout. It’s about motivation and consistency and loving it. I am in medical school and I know about how the body works (as far as I know) but the eBook was made after a passion of mine regarding the mindset and how one can change it to be successful. My next gig will be totally related to what I learned from Med.school.

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Reply to @pozitron: Well, ok, so now I got it. But that is what marketing is all about. It shouldn’t take several emails back and forth with lots of questions to understand, and that is what you need to focus on making more clear for buyers. How you write something up, one, to be clear about what it is must be important, but also, making that write up sound really so good that someone must buy it also takes some work as well. Keep at it, it will happen. YOu are getting there. Maybe read some books on Amazon about marketing your own home busienss or something, to get some ideas about marketing in general.

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Reply to @pozitron:

I will send you my special eBook to accomplish YOUR goal for $5

Yes, getting better 🙂

how about a slight tweak…I am not sure how many words you can have in your title but

I will send you my eBook to help accomplish YOUR fitness goals for $5

I will share my eBook on how to be motivated and accomplish YOUR fitness goals for $5

What do most people on Fiverr use for selling ebooks ‘send’ or ‘share’?

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