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THE SECRET to Banking Hard on Fiverr


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Hey there,

If you’re a frustrated new seller, and you’re starting to doubt yourself whether you can make it here on Fiverr - this message is for you.

STAY POSITIVE. Here’s the harsh reality that you have to accept before you truly succeed…

There are thousands and thousands of gigs being offered here on Fiverr. In your niche alone, there are probably over 100+ offering the same thing. If you’re a logo designer, or an article writer, you’re going against A LOT of competition.

There are so many sellers who got ahead of the game and are dominating the market share. You’re just a newbie, with barely any sales, so what chance do you really have, right???


You’re going to get your first sale.

You’re going to get another one after that.

You’re going to sell at least 10 gigs in a month.

You’re going to get positive reviews and favorites.

You’re going to come up with new gigs to offer.

You’re going to be a BETTER FIVERR SELLER.

You WILL MAKE MONEY on Fiverr because YOU deserve it!

I’m 100% SURE!

Wanna know why?

Because if you made it through this part of the message, it means you’re really hungry for success. It means that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it on Fiverr. You’re HUNGRY and you’re WILLING - that’s always a great combination.

If you’ve ever heard or read about “The Secret”, you’d know why I’m pushing for ABSOLUTE POSITIVITY.

“The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction” is a simple, yet failproof mentality that will bring you all the desires of your heart, for as long as you believe in it.

"What you think, you CREATE. What you feel, you ATTRACT. What you imagine, you BECOME"

If you want something so bad, the entire universe will conspire and GIVE IT TO YOU. Don’t lose hope, my friends.

Persistence, hard work, and doing your best will always be the keys to your success. But that extra ingredient that you need to possess is full mastery of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Think POSITIVE, and you will get what you desire.

Try it out, bud! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Wake up everyday with this state of mind, and sooner or later, you’ll see the results.

Good luck with your sales!!!

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Come on, “The Secret”? Law of Attraction is BS. I’ve done a lot of jobs in my life, success takes WORK. You have to study the market, and then create your offer, the gig. It has to be something that works for you and is attractive to a buyer.

When you’re a level 1, you have a lot to prove, so you do more. When you’re level 2 or TRS, you can do less for the same amount.

You also have to pay attention to what’s going on, how your buyers are reacting, what gig extras are being ignored.

I’m not telling people to be negative, just BE REALISTIC. If nobody’s ordering, either your gig is not in demand, you have too much competition, so you either fix that gig or create a new gig.

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Go through the credits of “The Secret” and you’ll find a who’s who of frauds in the self-help community. That Australian investment banker who said he uses the Secret to line up car parks and stuff his mailbox with checks? He went to prison for defrauding his clients. Or how about James Arthur Ray, who talked up the Secret on Oprah, but is now better known as “Death Ray” for all the people he hurt and killed in a sweat lodge ceremony in Arizona? I swear I die a little bit inside every time somebody says to just “use the Secret!”

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Hey guys, chill out!

I’m not promoting the book/movie. This is a state of mind.

I could’ve easily said to pray and have faith in God’s plan for you, but that would’ve probably gotten more backlash.

It’s up to a person if he wants to attract positivity in his life or not. I don’t see why there’s a need to get worked up over this post.

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captainfive said: I'm not promoting the book/movie. This is a state of mind.


New Thought and Hermetic philosophy is a state of mind, and if you want to talk about all the other Hermetic laws you're leaving out, then I'm up for it, but when you say,


captainfive said: If you've ever heard or read about "The Secret", you'd know why I'm pushing for ABSOLUTE POSITIVITY.


, then yes - you absolutely are promoting "The Secret."

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Reply to @jamesbulls:

Oh, James, you might’ve misunderstood. I was just building off of that for some people who have no idea about the Law of Attraction. It’s different for you since you know it and, just as you said, aware of the scams behind the scenes.

I admittedly have no idea about the scammers involved there, as I don’t really give a damn about the book or the creators. What I do care about is the Positive state of mind that it promotes. It works.

Prayer and a positive state of mind can take you places.

But just as fastcopywriter mentioned, a well-designed, high value gig is what you really need cause you can’t sell crap no matter how positive you are.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I respect your opinion, but having a positive state of mind is not BS, at least to me it isn’t.

Like I said, I don’t care about the book / movie. I just simply used it to spark the conversation and to drive home the point.

I agree with your points. HARD WORK is what will bring home the bacon. But if they give up before they even make it, (meaning, they lack a positive state of mind), then that hard work might not materialize.

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Reply to @captainfive: Well, I do agree that positive thinking can lead to self-confidence which can lead to great success. I know that if you’re a realtor, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m gonna sell that home today.” It’s like the Placebo effect, you give people a pill and tell them it controls their smoking cravings, and if they believe in the pill, it might work.

But in my personal experiences, I’ve made my worst mistakes when I allowed positive thinking to overrule my common sense. At one point I got a license to sell insurance, and was a huge disaster. Before that I thought, “gee, truck drivers make great money, maybe I could do that” and I couldn’t survive truck driving school, couldn’t even learn how to park the damn truck no matter how hard I tried (we’re talking huge tractor trailers). Eventually I went back to advertising, and I’ve done well since then.

Suffice to say, positive thinking has never been my friend. I’m glad your experience is different.

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Actually staying positive and fixing my gigs is what I did. I offered something in my field that’s already pretty saturated. Made sure I wrote concisely what I offered, used the buyer requests field, engaged with the potential clients, negotiated pricing, showcased samples etc. And doing all of that insured a steady stream of work. In fact, I’m roughly 7 gig deliveries away from reaching lvl 2 seller already, and I’ve only been here since early March.

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Guest prowriter336

The secret to bank hard in the fiverr is only attraction towards the buyers

You have to attract the buyers with your profile first and your 1st buyer is your bank to start with

Once any buyer come to your profile then make him happy

If he will be satisfied with your work then he will give you positive reviews, these reviews will be the only thing for you to make you successful in fiverr

Make your buyer happy and get positive reviews and start the successful life in fiverr

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The “secret” is to have a plan and work that plan. Be prepared to make adjustments, and be ready for peak and lull periods. Watch for seasonal trends, both in gig orders, and extra requests. It sometimes helps to rotate gigs, depending on season and demand.

@captainfive started a well meaning thread in this topic, and is much appreciated. I was a bit disappointed though, because his original post does not have any practical advice.

The Secret book or movie, or hermetic philosophy, or positive thinking, or “attraction” does not bring buyers or sales to our Fiverr gigs.

Practical, useful, business advice, however, do bring sales.

Its worth keeping in mind that Fiverr gig services is a business, and service providers are essentially entrepreneurs.

We don’t need to be positive. We just need to have a plan that works, and follow the system through.

If we do that,sales and success will follow.

Stop praying. Start acting!

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Guest reinier01

Hi guys,

I have been freelancing for many years, and the topic of this thread comes up on every site I have ever worked on. However, I must go with @solidgoldextra on this one. The Law of Attraction is attractive only to those who are to lazy to actually do anything. To achieve success at anything takes courage, commitment, and hard work, and to rely on something that may or may not fall from the sky is silly and irresponsible.

Positive thinking may have some value to dreamers, but it has never created sales- sales are only made through effective marketing, good customer service, and consistent good work. The Law of Attraction and positive thinking are for fools, dreamers, and the proverbial birds. I prefer hard work, since the harder I work , the more luck I seem to have.

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