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Buyer with strange behavior


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I’ve got a message from buyer that wants sample before order .I send sample with fiverr logo than recieve that message:

’’-Sorry, but kindly ask you to send me a video without any logo on it.-’’ (this is not order)

i told him to check my voice and see me on my portfolio

then i’ve got this:

’’-You should understand that this is not an order but just a sample to check you as an actor.

Moreover, it won’t be recorded specially for us.

We just need the sample you have without the logo.

As soon as you are approved as an actor, we will order the testimonial we need.-’'

I dont know what was the point Can he abuse with video without logo ?

No order yet

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Honestly, it sounds fishy in my opinion. The whole point of watermarks is so that people don’t take your work without permission. I’ve had this experience lately on 99designs where I submitted an original design with vector artwork and someone (most likely a competitor) took it, stuck it on their (suspicious looking) facebook page in their 2013 timeline and reported me for taking artwork…

For protection, I don’t think you should send it without the watermark/logo on it without getting paid…

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There should be no reason he needs the sample without the logo. He wants to see your acting skills? Fine, but the logo won’t change your acting! He’ll take off with the sample so he doesn’t have to pay you.

Ask him why he needs it without the logo on and see what he responds with :).

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