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Privacy Policy - Why Your Website Needs One

Guest pinnacle_lawyer

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Guest pinnacle_lawyer

Ecommerce has brought about a change in the way we look at data. While consumers were once ignorant of the fact that their personally identifiable information was insecure, issues surrounding popular companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple have brought privacy into the limelight. Surprisingly, many ecommerce businesses have failed to catch on to the fact that this issue relates to them.

If your customers are concerned about their privacy, so should you. Failing to properly address this issue could have a huge impact on the credibility of your company. That is why crafting and adhering to a sound privacy policy is very important. Why Have A Privacy Policy?

There are many reasons to have a privacy policy that reflects the needs of your customers, and also unambiguously states the way you deal with private information.

A Privacy Policy Offers Some Amount of Legal Cover

Being clear about what you do with sensitive information can save you from lawsuits – from customers as well as from other businesses. If you are sued, you can show that you had a publicly stated privacy policy that you adhered to.

Whether you choose to have a quick privacy policy that covers the basics, or a long one that spells out every detail, make sure that you have a legally compliant, easily found privacy policy. It keeps you safe and your customers happy. It also helps to eliminate misunderstandings, and keeps you accountable for the data you collect.

Also note that there is no such thing as the perfect privacy policy. What works for one website might be irrelevant for another.

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