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Help with my song project


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Hi there.

I got a little project. I am no musician, besides the usual hangover guitar playing, but i did write a few songs. Those are lying now in my drawers until im dead. Luckywise i got one of my songs on tape ( with poor guitar playing of course and even more bad singing). I got this idea, to make it a real one with the help of Fiverr musicians.<br /> I hope you all are not laughing now.<br /> I already got great musicians but, i really need a good, male singer, with range and debth for my rock ballad. So far my search here on Fiverr was negative. I wont give up on this project by just picking someone here in Norway! So i really hope that maybe YOU, know someone who knows someone that knows someone.

Have a nice day.

Bests Rüdiger

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