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Why buyers don't often requesting gigs


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Lately I have been trying out the Request gig feature and I found some interesting things.

  1. Most requests are for music and audio.
  2. About 1/5 are sellers requested by mistake or in purpose.
  3. Offers you get back are usually with the highest price a seller thinks he/she can rip it out of you and might not be useful at all. Which is quite funny.
  4. Requests are sometimes unclear and confusing.

    So if you are a buyer, you need to know exactly what you want before requesting or else you will be annoyed by the notifications. Please be as specific as possible.

    As a seller, I always try to offer my basic gig first then discuss with the buyer for best price they can get. After all, why not offering something you are willing to do with the right price while making the clients happy.

    Over all, I think there are advantages we can get from requesting a gig. We just need to eliminate the unnecessary problems.

    Have a good day to you all

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