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Tip for Buyer Requests

Guest madisoncase

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Guest madisoncase

In response to requests from the buyer, it is important to be polite and persuasive.

Trying to create different lexical structure in response. That’s including: greeting, the main idea and a polite goodbye. (“Sincerely” and so on).

Example: "Hello! I am ready to create a logo for you as soon as possible and do it very well. Take a look at the examples of my work. All the best. Waiting for your reply."

Then use this kind of response 1-2 days or more, depends on you. If it helps to get the orders, then you can save this answer and use it. If not then create another lexical structure.

Example: "Good day. If you want the best value for money, quality, scope of work and speed of execution, it is to me. Please contact me and you will be satisfied!"

Examples can be many.

The main thing to choose the best form of response to the buyer, at the same time to be original and of course to be honest and realistic about your strengths.

Good luck to you!

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